1/10 QTS28 Real Green Spec pre glued tire set (4)

Part # 2728417

Sweep Racing

$34.99 CAD 

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The Official Tire of the WCICS Series, note these tires will only work for practice at wcics events, you must have the wcics supplied tires with the wicics logo for racing
The Sweep QTS tires U.S set contains our very own EXP-C insert, Pre glued on EXP wheels.

This set is a great choice for Club races or any track looking for Spec tires for the season, Long lasting constant traction, suggested for Carpet racing

New for 2012 Season: Stiffer Nylon EXP-WAN wheel replaced soft EXP-WAW wheels.
New for 2013 Season: EXP-C Carbon inserts replaced EXP-M inserts.