1/12 AMR-12 On Road Body, Clear (light weight)

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On Oct 1st 2009 there will be new ERFA/BRCA body rules that will come into effect, so a “clean sheet” type design was required by PROTOform in an effort to fully comply. The AMR-12 had been exhaustively tested in preparation for these rule changes and the body has actually shown an increase in performance over the “old format” type race bodies. It’s made to fit all the popular 1/12th chassis with design considerations built in to accommodate the larger brushless motors and lead wires.

This semi-realistic body is pulled in .020 lexan and has a protective film on it. Ready to ship at this time, it’s just in time to start practicing for the IIC Race in Vegas and the US Indoor Champs in Cleveland. Don’t be left behind!

Contemporary LMP styling with slightly larger cockpit
Fits all EFRA, BRCA, ROAR body rule requirements
173mm wide @ front w/openings
173mm wide @ rear w/openings
55mm high @ top of roof
65mm spoiler height
Made from durable/genuine .020 Lexan® material

What’s Included:
Clear Lexan® AMR-12 Body
Decal sheet
Window mask included
Paint-then-peel overspray film included