1S DC-DC Booster

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The 1S DC-DC BOOSTER is a DC-DC power booster module which can draw power from a 1S LiPo battery, then boosts it to the voltage level (6V) that suits the receiver & servo and provides continuous output current up to 3Amp.

It is mainly applied in 1/12th / 1/10th on road scale RC vehicles. 1/12th scale cars usually use a 1S Lipo battery, and the BEC in an ordinary speed controller is a step down. In that case, the BEC output voltage will be lower than 4.2V and cannot meet the power demand of the receiver & servo. It is necessary for a 1/12th scale car to run with a purpose-built 1S ESC with a built-in DC-DC booster or external receiver battery if the speed controller doesn't have a built-in DC-DC booster. Things will be different after adopting this booster- the receiver batteries can be abandoned and users will be free from charging and maintaining the receiver batteries. 

  • Input Voltage: 1S LiPo or 3-4 Cell NiMH
  • Output Voltage: 6V
  • Output Current: Continuous 3A, Burst 6A
  • Dimension: 28.0mm x 26.8mm x 11.8mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 10.2g