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After great success with the A800X series, the result of continuous improvement and further development, Awesomatix will now offer the A800XA EVO version.

This new Version includes many updated parts and other new innovations as used by the team drivers.

* The A800XA EVO Kit is equipped with the new C01B-XA-LA Soft Alloy Lower Deck that allows the use of the new optional Long Arms (C04M1-LA are an option Part).

* Also, the alloy Bell Crank Steering (BSSX) is now included, together with the AM14LS Steering Arms to offer the best possible Steering feedback for most track conditions.

* Also included are the newly developed P45R and P46R high precision pistons, which are made of a special anti-sticking rubber. These parts guarantee an improved volume compensation of the Dampers and Gear Diff, and the result will be a more smooth and consistent operation of these two essential components of the car.

* Likewise, the P09X Shock Screw Holders are now standard also, to allow the use of a Progressive Spring setting.


Special Features of the USA Spec Kits:

- C04AL1+0,5 Alloy Arms (4pcs)


Special Features of the all Awesomatix USA Kits:

- ST17 and P20 instead of ST17-1-S