AXON Pinion Gears 64P (22T-60T

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AXON Pinion Gears 64P

AXON has pursued a prominently highly efficient drive for a pinion gear. With their development they have achieved a wonderful top speed and realized a direct linear drive feel.

This gear is the optimum gear tooth shape for 64 pitch. Made from duraluminum and has high rigidity with high accuracy and light weight.

The size and circularity of the hole through which the motor shaft passes are also very precise.

The screw position fixing the pinion gear was brought close to the gear teeth center as fas a possible, eliminating the "gear vibration" that occurs when fixing to a motor.

AXON pinion gears are not only the best matching with an AXON Spur Gear but also every 64 pitch spur gear on the market for the best performance.


  • High quality duraluminum
  • Low friction hard coat specification
  • High precision made in Japan
  • High efficiency for primary drive
  • Available from 22T-60T