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B6 Laydown Motor Plate, Black - GRIPWORKS RC

B6 Laydown Motor Plate, Black

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SKU: SCH1266

As soon as we dropped a laydown gearbox into our B6D, we had an idea.  The kit motorplate leaves the spur gear exposed and it's not long before the body and spur gear rub.  Secondly, our trimmed kit body for the stand-up gearbox left the spur gear exposed.   We needed a cover and we came up with an excellent solution to the problem.

The Schelle B6 laydown motor plate gives racers extra protection as well as helping align the body on the chassis and prevent body rubs.  The full round upper portion protects the spur gear with a round surface, and allows for a simple bolt-on spur guard which protects the gear from sucking in carpet fuzz or debris (espcially if your body is trimmed for stand-up as well) and helps keep everything in place.


  1. Full-round design with option spur guard.
  2. SCH1267 Spur Guard to prevent body rubbing (3-D printed available now, Delrin version coming in December).
  3. 3mm thickness with 2mm deep pockets in non-stressed areas.
  4. 10.2g weight (vs. 9.7g for a kit without spur protection).
  5. 100% machined with silver machined edges.
  6. Black (SCH1266) and Blue (SCH1267) anodized versions for Associated B6 Laydown kits.