Better Edge System: Sanding Drum

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Introducing a brand new product line from PROTOform: the Better Edge System. For every r/c enthusiast that takes pride in finishing off their concours-worthy race body, these products are for you.

The Better Edge sanding drum is our first product in this line. There has never been a product specifically made for r/c racers to finish off the perfect wheel-well. With the use of your handheld rotary tool, the Better Edge Sanding Drum will smooth out all of the imperfections left from cutting your lexan body with scissors. At 1.5” in diameter, it’s suitable for use on many scales of body: from 1:12 scale on up to 1:8 or even off-road bodies.

The drum’s red and black anodized aluminum finish and laser-etched PROTOform logos give it a trick look on your pit table. Each pre-assembled kit comes with a replaceable high-grade silicon carbide spiral sanding band, rubber anti-slip o-rings and a mandrel made from durable tool steel to prevent damage from your rotary tool’s chuck.

Give your r/c race body a better edge!

For best performance and smooth operation, Better Edge Sanding Drum should be installed as close to collet nut as possible and RPM should be kept minimal.


Check out's review of the Better Edge Sanding Drum, where they gave it a 4/5 rating! 

"Did we find the PROTOform Better Edge System Sanding Drum helpful? Absolutely. Using the PF sanding drum we were able to correct our wavy wheel wells and bumpy side lines on our touring body, not to mention we went back and cleaned up our nitro engine cut outs and wheel wells on our offroad buggy, truggy, and short course bodies with it too! While the price of a specialty tool such as this is higher than your standard sanding drum, if you cut and sand a good number of bodies and/or get frustrated with the time and effort it takes to precision sand using a small sanding drum, then this product is for you!"