BLITZ LSF-R 1/10th EP 190mm Body (0.7mm)

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Blitz LSF EFRA 4047

Team Titan BLITZ is proud to introduce the LSF 190mm 1/10th Sedan body, the lastest edition to our line of 10th EP sedan body shells.

We started with the successful BLITZ GSF as a base and made some subtle changes to further improve the steering response without sacrificing stability. The BLITZ LSF is most suited to asphalt tracks and in testing has provided excellent results on many different traction levels. The BLITZ LSF meets IFMAR GBS body rules and has been EFRA approved (EFRA 4047). The standard BLITZ LSF is manufactured from 0.8 mm high quality polycarbonate, and lightweight versions are available in 0.7mm and 0.5mm. Supplied updained with window mask, wing mounting hardware and sticker sheet.