Carbon Fiber Motor Wire Caddy

Part # sch1280


$11.99 CAD 

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Get your wiring organized and look fly doing it!   The Carbon Fiber Motor Wire Caddy neatly clips over both 12 awg and 13awg wires to keep them organized and stable.   Whether you want to clean up your wire routing, or keep your A, B, and C motor wires in order when you change motors, the wire caddy makes life better.


  1. 2.5mm Carbon Fiber, made in the USA.
  2. Fits most 12 awg and 13 awg wires.  
  3. Great for off-road, on-road, anything with wires!
  4. Prevents frustration from accidentally reversing your ESC motor wires.
  5. Looks great, smooth to the touch.
  6. Comes 2 per package.