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Exotek Mach2 Turbine Slipper Disc

$28.99 CAD 
SKU: EXO2009
Available for pre-order

ExoTek Mach2 Turbine Slipper Discs are an optional upgrade for the DR10 and TLR 22 (1.0-5.0), that weigh just 9 grams and provide quicker slipper cool downs before the next pass. The heat sink fins provide increased slipper cooling, while also acting as fan blades to create increased air flow over the slipper plate as the motor turns, helping to reduce heat glazing which can melt the pads.

Compatible with the stock DR10/TLR 22 slipper pads, spurs and top shafts. Must use the stock red spacer in 22 applications.

NOTE: Not compatible with the Losi 22S Drag car.