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This is G-Force Engine Heater.

G-FORCE engine heater will pre-heat all the critical parts of your nitro engine, giving you a minimal of stress and wear on the engine. It helps relieve the stress on the crank, con-rod, piston and sleeve during warm-up. It also gives you a very easy and smooth engine start, with no stress on your starterbox. Fuel consumption is much less, as you do not have to spend time warming up and adjusting your engine. A pre-heatet glow-plug will increase the life of your plug. It is also perfect for break-in, as it reduces the "pinch" on your new engine. You will experience that engine pre-heating is a must. Most importantly, it will quickly pay for itself by increasing engine life and performance!


  • MCU controls heating time and heating power for maximum safety. Safety timer: turn off power around 10 minutes automatically.
  • Built-in temperature sensor: to control the output power of the heater LED indicator for status of engine heater.
  • 12V DC source with low voltage cutoff.
  • Fireproof and heat resistant adjustable cover.
  • Fits all .19-.26 RC nitro engines.
  • Very small, lightweight and compact for quick and easy storage.
  • It's designed to transfer heat effectively and efficiently.
  • Access port on top allows you to start and monitor your engines temperatures without having to take the heater off.

Product Specification

Input Voltage 12 Volt DC
Heating Power 90 Watt
Heating Time Around 10 minutes
Low Voltage Cutoff 9-10 Volt
LED indicator [Heating] Red Led stays on
  [Low Voltage] Red LED blinking
Net weight 65g
Dimension Diameter= 63mm height=50mm