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The Hudy Professional Bulkhead Alignment Tool was developed for touring car bulkheads with spacing of 17mm. This tool allows for easy, comfortable and fast alignment of bulkheads. 

The alignment tool is placed between the left and right bulkheads with the included steel shafts. With the block and pins in place the driver can loosen and retighten both the lower bulkhead mounting screws and also the upper clamps and shock towers for perfect alignment of all parts. After all the parts are straightened up, the pins and block will be removed, the diff or spool installed and the bulkhead upper clamps installed. 

CNC-machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum and laser edged for autentic look this is a must have tool for all touring car drivers. The alignment tool works perfectly for all XRAY T4 platforms and other touring cars with 17mm spacing between bulkheads.