LCG Racing Titanium Flex Screws – 4pcs

Part # LCG-FS-TI


$14.99 CAD 

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The newly introduced LCG Racing Titanium Flex Screws allow you to quickly adjust the car‘s flex characteristics. They fix the position of the parts, however, they do not tighten them which gives the option between using and not using a screw. It can be used on most parts on the chassis (motor mount, t-plate, shock tower stay, top deck) to maximize the flex characteristics.

The Flex Screw is of a stepped design which ensures tightening without having to use lock-tite, as with normal grub screws. Additionally, it offers a more consistent feeling due to the smooth surface. They are designed to fit even the tightest tolerances without binding while minimizing play. The Flex Screws are made of High-Quality Titanium, come in sets of four and are available now.