Mon-Tech Racer 2.0 Touring Electric Car Clear Body 190mm

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The famous Racer body from Montech has been completely freshed up by the Montech design team in Italy. The body which won the world championships 2018 in south Africa in the hands of Bruno Coelho comes now in a slightly different look. The Team around the Topdrivers like Hagberg and Coelho worked really hard to bring the Racer up onto the next level – now it is called the Racer2!

The Racer 2 is made for indoor and outdoor tracks, the very pronounced front end with accentuated profiles guarantee great corner entry while the rear end gives huge traction without compromising smoothness when cornering. A “MUST HAVE” for every Racer out there!

The Racer 2 is available in a normal Version (MB-019-006) and in the La Leggera Lightweight Version (MB-019-006L)!


What you get:

  • clear Racer 2 bodyshell
  • window masks
  • decals (apply from the inside before painting)
  • clear wing with mounting hardware