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MPS-T12V Soldering Station

$135.00 CAD 
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All new soldering station from MPS 

-12V to 18V DC input or Lipo 4S externally or INTERNALLY connected. Yes Sir! I planned to leave some space inside the enclosure to fit a little 4S, 850mah LiPo battery that gives the ability to make 50 to 100 solders before to be recharged (NOT INCLUDE IN THE OFFICIAL VERSION). Buth the place to install it is there...
- Numeric temperature control
- Calibration mode.
- BOOST mode for extra temperature.
- Sleep mode with adjustable delay.
- Shut-off mode with adjustable delay.
- LiPo guard alarm buzzer with adjustable voltage.
- OLED display with setted and actual temperature of the tip.
- Display percentage of power use.
- Display of the input DC voltage of internal or external LiPo or 12VDC input.
- Aluminium enclosure.
- Compact stand for the iron.
- Brass ball tip cleaner in a reclosable tin can.
- Power cord with XT-60 connector.
- T12-D4 tip.