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MR33 Steering System Set – Xray T4

$58.99 CAD 
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The new MR33 Steering System fits perfectly on the Xray T4 chassis and comes along with some interesting features and makes adjusting Ackerman a breeze! The aluminum center part gets mounted to the chassis plate and the single bellcrank steering will produce a very precise steering feel without excess play.

To change the ackermann position on the steering rack, simply loosen the center ball stud and move the steering arm forward or backward. The available positions are laser marked for easy identification and due to the rippled surface the steering arm will always stay in the correct position after the ball stud got tightened up again.

The set comes with two different aluminum inserts to define the inner distance between the steering links (8.0 and 8.5mm) and the carbon fiber brace on top of the center part ensures a solid steering endpoint. For the perfect stealth look all the aluminum parts are black anodized.