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ProTek RC Low Profile 5mm "Super Bullet" Solid Gold Connectors (2 Male)

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SKU: PTK-5045
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This is a pack of two ProTek R/C Low Profile 5mm "Super Bullet" Solid Gold Connectors. ProTek R/C Low Profile bullets feature a redesigned solder point that incorporates a flat, low-profile head, for easy lay down solder jobs. With other bullets, the head utilizes a more cup shaped solder point, which is great for soldering your wire straight up and down, but not ideal with lay-down wiring. 

The ProTek R/C "Super Bullet" Solid Gold Connectors are an absolute must for high current / high voltage applications! With lower resistance than a typical Dean's style ultra plug and traditional spring-type bullet connectors, they are the new standard for brushless motor applications. They can be used for battery connectors or motor to speed control connectors. They are the ideal power connector for devices such as speed controls, battery chargers, and power meters.


5mm Bullet Offerings:

  • PTK-5045: Low Profile (2 male)
  • PTK-5022: Standard (4 male)
  • PTK-5023: Standard (4 female)
  • PTK-5024: Standard (2 male / 2 female)