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ProTek RC Servo Lead & Terminal Crimping Tool (Updated Aug. 2020)

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The ProTek RC Servo Lead & Terminal Crimping Tool is the tool you need to make custom length signal wires for your ESCs, receiver batteries and servos. This tool safely secures the connector pins on wire sizes between 14 and 28awg, without damaging the pin or the wire. Simply strip a short length of the shielding off the wires, install the connector pin into the tool, insert the wire into the pin, and squeeze the tool to crimp the pin in place.



NOTE: When changing the length of your signal wires or receiver battery connectors, for the best results we recommend you use new connectors.

  • PTK-5008 - Futaba Style
    PTK-5009 - JR Style Servo Connectors
    PTK-5010 - JST Male Style Connectors
    PTK-5011 - JST Female Style Conn