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Protoform 200mm Pro-TC Sedan Wing Kit (2) - GRIPWORKS RC

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Protoform 200mm Pro-TC Sedan Wing Kit (2)

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This is the Protoform 200mm Pro-TC Sedan Wing Kit. The Pro-TC Wing Kit is a great aerodynamic tuning option for your 200mm electric touring car. The Pro-TC Wing is formed from extra-stiff .040” Lexan for low deflection under high downforce loads and gives added durability during those unwanted tumbles. 

In development, 20 years of aerodynamics experience was combined with the input of a world-class team of drivers. Each Pro-TC kit includes two wings with different levels of downforce – high downforce and standard downforce – and 4 endplates. 

The Pro-TC Wing Kit fits all 200mm PROTOform bodies and meets all IFMAR/EFRA/BRCA/ROAR body standards. In order to keep your center of gravity low and to save weight from the extra thick lexan, it is recommend that you leave the wing unpainted. 

  • Pulled in genuine heavyweight .040” Lexan®
  • Two different downforce levels for fine tuning
  • Extra stiff for added downforce and durability
Width Without End Plates: 7.68” (195mm) 
Chord/Depth: 1.968” (50mm) 
End Plate Width: 1.968” (50mm) 
End Plate Height: 1.378” (35mm) 
Weight: Approx. 13 grams