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RC MAKER Slimflex 1.6 mm Twin Topdeck Set for Xray X4 (2)

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RC MAKER Slimflex 2.0 mm Twin Topdeck Set for Xray X4 (2)

2-piece Slimflex topdeck option for the Xray X4 touring car.

RC Maker offers a range of 2-piece slimflex topdecks for the Xray X4 touring car. With a 2-piece topdeck you change the flex points as both of the parts get mounted directly to the motor mount (in front and behind the spur gear). It is always a nice option to play around with the overall flex characteristics of your car. Changing the flex is sometimes making the difference and transforms a good car into a perfect car!

The 2-piece RC Maker Slimflex Topdeck is available in 2 different thicknesses (1,6mm and 2,0mm):

RCM-X4-SFT16 RC MAKER Slimflex 2 Piece 1.6 mm Topdeck for Xray X4 (2)
"Recommended in combination with the aluminum chassis" 

RCM-X4-SFT20 RC MAKER Slimflex 2 Piece 2.0 mm Topdeck for Xray X4 (2)
"Recommended in combination with carbon fiber chassis"