Sanwa/Airtronics PGS-CL Hi-Speed Programmable Low Profile Servo (High Voltage)

Part # SNW107A54512A


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Sanwa PGS-CL Hi-Speed Programmable Low Profile Servo.  


  • SSL compatible programmable servo
  • # Compatible with CODE 10 (M12S, EXZES ZZ, MT-44)  
  • Multi-Setting Gear Compatible
  • SUPER RESPONSE (SSR) Mode Compatible
  • HIGH RESPONSE (SHR) Mode Compatible
  • Li-Po 2 Cell Compatible
  • Low Profile
  • High Speed type
  • Core-Less Motor
  • Metal Gears
  • Aluminum Heat Sink
  • Programmable Servo to be compatible with SSL & Telemetry
  • Setting Adjustment by wireless from Radio
  • Setting Adjustment to connect Servo with Multi Setting Gear
  • Regarding Temperature, Current, Voltage and Volume Position on Servo inside, Telemetry-transmission can be passed to Radio (Initial Setting on Multi Setting Gear is necessary). 

Programmable Settings: 

  • SSL-CH (SSL Channel Setting)
  • STRETC (Stretcher Adjustment)
  • BOOST (BOOST Adjustment)
  • D-Band (Dead Band Adjustment)
  • MV-MID (Middle Torque Adjustment)
  • MV-END (Later Torque Adjustment)
  • BREAK (Break Adjustment - Multi Setting Gear is necessary for ◎setting)
  • ◎MV-HOLD (Power Adjustment at whole area)
  • ◎MV-FRQ (Feeling Adjustment at whole area)
  • ◎MAX-PW (MAX Duty Adjustment)

@7.4V: 0.08 sec/60° 
@6.0V: 0.10 sec/60° 
@7.4V: 230.53 oz-in (16.6 kg-cm) 
@6.0V: 204.14 oz-in (14.7 kg-cm) 
Dimensions: 40.5 x 20.5 x 26.5 mm 
Weight: 49.6 g