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Schelle Racing B6 Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower (Short Eyelet) - GRIPWORKS RC

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Schelle Racing B6 Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower (Short Eyelet)

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The Schelle Short Eyelet B6 Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower allows you to adapt the 31mm shock bodies onto a B6 while using short eyelets to keep the shock as low as possible to the chassis (low CG). Testing has shown the larger oil volume translates to better jump landing and more plush rear suspension feel without bottoming out. 

3.5mm thick, made in the USA, the 31mm short tower allows for direct adaptation of B5M rear shocks onto a B6 OR racers can change the kit 27.5 rear shock bodies to the longer 31mm rear shock bodies using the same kit shock shaft. The larger shock volume allows for a higher ratio of oil volume as related to the displacement of the shock shaft as the shock compresses. This is a huge benefit on flat-landing jumps, when you need the car to "stick the landing" without bottoming out and getting upset. 

31mm Short tower features:
  • 3.5mm carbon fiber, made in the USA.
  • Tight spaced upper shock mount holes for fine-tuning.
  • Uses short eyelets to lower shocks, only 1.2mm taller than kit tower.
  • Additional cross-section around mount holes for increased durability.
  • Fits B6 and B6D, use short shock eyelets.  B5M shock ends also fit.
  • Includes 31mm Short tower and Schelle mini decal.
Pro-Tip: For Astro/Carpet running, Schelle recommends running shorter stroke for less droop since the tower is lowered. Use 3 limiters in the shock 26.0 mm shaft exposed as a starting point.