SILVER LINE SPRING TL3.4 (Long/Gold/2pcs)

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SILVER LINE SPRING TL3.4 (Long/Gold/2pcs)

SMJ R&D team consisting of RC racing experts have developed new shock springs to be the new world standard items!

The new shock springs boast a perfect balance of materials, surface treatment and measurements which can be only attained by those who know everything about RC racing.

The long-type springs (25mm). SMJ selected a wire 1.5mm in diameter and accurately coiled and plated it. All the shock springs in different rates have the same specifications other than the number of turns in a coil so that it is easy to feel the difference between springs in different rates. Gold: 6 Coils

Made in Japan.

Setting advise

SMJ1012 TL2.8 (Long/Blue)

Best suited for EP stock class carpet tracks.

SMJ1013  TL3.0 (Long/Silver)

Best suited for basic setup of EP touring cars. Also suited for GP touring car with rubber rear tires.

SMJ1014  TL3.2 (Long/Pink)

Best suited for EP modified class and GP touring cars with rear foam tires.

SMJ1029  TL3.4 (Long/Gold)

Harder then TL3.2 (long-pink) and developed mainly for GP touring cars with rear foam tires.


Spring Rate Chart


Part # Product Name Spring Rate (gf/mm) Spring Rate (lb/inch)
SMJ1012 SILVER LINE SPRING TL2.8 (Long/Blue) 286 16.1
SMJ1013 SILVER LINE SPRING TL3.0 (Long/Silver) 302 16.9
SMJ1014 SILVER LINE SPRING TL3.2 (Long/Pink) 320 17.9
SMJ1029 SILVER LINE SPRING TL3.4 (Long/Gold) 340