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Thrust Bearing Kits.
The ongoing changing market continues to toss variables into selecting the correct Thrust Kit. Consider the chassis you are using, 1/8 vs 3/32 diff balls, and if you have replaced your kit with a non-factory axle. You can also measure from the diff hub bearing to the remaining portion of the 1/4 inch axle, add 0.020” or 0.5mm, then reference which thrust kit is needed. If you need help, please ask using the “Contact Brian” tab. Donʼt want to bother, check out the new “Fit it All” kit... all 3 sizes in 1 package!
  • Length 0.08-0.13” (2.0-3.3mm) use #101
  • Length 0.13-0.15” (3.3-3.8mm) use #120
  • Length 0.15-0.19” (3.8-4.8mm) use #109
This thrust bearing kit spans over the 1/4x3/8 hub bearing with a specially designed
delrin spacer removing itʼs side load, uses an actual thrust bearing which greatly
increases differential longevity. The rear tire can
easily be removed without any interference. A black
anodized aluminum lock nut is included.

#101 will fit most 12th & 10th scale pan cars; 

#109 will fit Asc 12R5.2 & GenXLE with 3/32” balls; 

#120 will fit GenXLE & GenXTI with 3/32” balls; 


#134 the fit it all kit! All 3 in 1 package;