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Tamiya TA07 PRO 1/10 Electric Touring Car Sedan Kit (PRE ORDER) eta april 14th for availibility

$369.99 CAD 
SKU: TAM58636
  • This 4WD R/C touring car chassis assembly kit is based around a composite structure that consists of a narrow lower deck and an upper frame. The part design layout provides the chassis optimal torsional rigidity which can be further adjusted by removing the frame center section. The highly efficient single belt drivetrain offers 3 motor position locations, each with its own performance characteristics suited to different tracks and setups. Proven TRF419 design suspension, gear differential units and steering components are joined by proven TRF aluminum shock dampers and universal shafts to make this chassis a hi-spec racer!

    • TRF419 design Uprights
    • TRF419 design Suspension Arms
    • TRF419 design Gear Differential Units
    • TRF Dampers
    • Universal Drive Shafts

    Further Details from Tamiya's Design Team:
    The upper frame allows for a symmetrical chassis design, which in turn helps to optimize chassis flex. Note: that front/rear stiffener, and center brace parts are attached separately to the integrated lower and side frame piece.

    The efficient single belt winds back around the main and counter pulleys. Using one belt as opposed to two facilitates the changeable motor position feature. It allows simple reconstruction of the chassis using the existing belt rather than many different lengths.

    The 3 motor positions cover a total range of 52mm. Changing motor positions is easy; just take off the cover, remove 2 screws, and re-attach the motor mount in the desired position.

    TRF419 suspension parts and gear differentials give top-level performance and reliability. Like on the TRF419, the servo mount is attached on one side only, with chassis flex in mind. The battery can be removed via the chassis side.


    • Uses a composite lower deck/upper frame setup, as opposed to the TA06's monocoque. Lower deck and side frame parts are integrated, while upper frame center brace and F/R stiffener parts are separate.
    • Slim line lower deck piece features a skid-shaped underside to minimize contact with the track surface.
    • Single belt-driven 4WD provides efficient acceleration.
    • Drivetrain utilizes 8 ball bearings.
    • The motor can be switched between one of three positions, each with its own performance characteristics.
    • Utilizes race-proven TRF419 suspension, steering parts (same Ackerman geometry) and gear diff units.
    • Includes universal drive shafts, adjustable battery holder and TRF dampers.
    • Battery is inserted from chassis side.

    Construction type: Assembly kit
    Terrain use: On-Road
    Drive-train: 4WD
    Drive type: Belt
    Drive line: Universal
    Differential type: Sealed oil-filled gear
    Suspension: Fully independent double wishbone
    Steering mechanism: Bell-crank
    Shock damper: Oil-filled damper
    Shock damper material: Aluminum
    Tire type: Not included
    Tire tread: N/A
    Body material: Not included
    Chassis material: FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
    Electronic Speed Control (ESC): Not included
    ESC model: N/A
    LED Light buckets: No
    LED lights: No
    Motor: N/A
    Bearings: Shielded ball bearing

    Needed To Complete:

    • 2-Channel Radio and Receiver
    • Electronic Speed Controller
    • Motor
    • Steering Servo
    • 190mm Body
    • Paint
    • Battery Pack
    • Charger
    • Wheels
    • Tires