Tamiya WR02CB Comical Frog 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit (PRE ORDER)

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$229.99 CAD 
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  • The Tamiya WR02CB Comical Frog 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit is a tribute to the legendary Tamiya Frog. For many, The Frog was their very first introduction into the world of radio control assembly kits. The original Frog is still among Tamiya’s best-selling kits to this day. Now the legend is re-imagined as the Comical FROG, with a body inspired by the famous original. The re-imagined body sits on a dedicated variant of the proven off-road chassis: the WR-02CB.

    WR-02CB Chassis - Great Fun Awaits!
    The WR-02CB chassis is an exciting chassis at home on- and off-road, providing smooth driving and the potential for exciting wheelies! It features a pre-assembled gearbox with motor already attached to save time in the assembly process. Long suspension arms and CVA oil dampers make for excellent off-road performance, while under guard and side guards give great protection. A rear wheelie bar helps support the model when it leans back, maintaining a fun wheels-in-the air stance as the model plunges forward. 2-piece wheels are joined by bubble tires (front: ribbed, rear: round block) for a fun look and drive. 


    • 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit 
    • Superb performance both on- and off-road
    • Durable monocoque centerpiece and inline battery pack position, 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and 2-piece steering tie-rod set up
    • Polycarbonate body
    • Sticker design based on the original Frog
    • Includes headlight cases, allowing installation of 5mm LEDs (not included). They use separate polycarbonate lens components
    • Driver figure included
    • Suspension arms feature multiple damper attachment holes for easily adjustable performance
    • 2-piece wheels molded in durable ABS
    • Tire design, with rib pattern front and block pattern rear
    • Oil-filled CVA Mini shock units provide superb cushioning, even on rough off-road surfaces
    • Includes Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (electronic speed control) Capable of running sensor brushless motors and brushed motors alike. (21.5 Turn BL motor limit) (23 Turn brushed motor limit)
    • Includes 540-type brushed motor

    Adjustable Gear Ratio: Yes
    Bearings: Plastic bushing
    Body Material: Polycarbonate
    Body Stickers: Included
    Chassis Material: ABS Plastic
    Chassis Type: WR-02 CB
    Construction Type: Assembly Kit
    Differential Type: Gear
    Drive Type: 2WD
    Scale: 1/10
    Length: 356mm
    Width: 244mm
    Height: 195mm
    Wheelbase: 170mm
    Tire Width/Diameter: 46/95mm (Front), 56/98mm (Rear)
    Tread: 189mm (Front), 186mm (Rear) 

    Needed to Complete: 

    • 2-channel radio system
    • Steering servo
    • 7.2-volt battery pack & charger *Must use round type battery pack. Square shaped batteries will not fit battery compartment.
    • Polycarbonate Paint for Body  
    • Tools for Assembly