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Titanium Ball Stud Kit | Xray T4 '17, '16, '15 - GRIPWORKS RC

Titanium Ball Stud Kit | Xray T4 '17, '16, '15

$120.99 CAD 
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SKU: AV1027-49-TI-T416

Product Overview

Avid Titanium Ball Stud Kit for the Xray T4 includes 20 pieces (ARS, Swaybars, and Front Steering Block (switched to regular ballstud) add 8 pieces to the standard T4 kit) and developed to minimize weight without sacrificing strength.


  • It is recommended to use all new plastics when switching ball stud brands but isn't necessary. Just be cautious when installing to make sure you don't over tighten them.


  • Machined from billet 6Al-4V Titanium.
  • Broached with a 2mm allen head on top of the ball for easy removal.
  • 40% lighter than the kit steel ball studs.
  • Each kit includes 20 Titanium Ball Studs.
    • (4) 4.9x5mm | (Front & Rear Aluminum Upper)
    • (8) 4.9x6mm | (Ackermann, ARS Steering Block, & Swaybar)
    • (3) 4.9x8mm | (Servo & Front Steering Block)
    • (5) 4.9x10mm | (Steering Plate, Caster, & Rear Hub)

 on awesomatix must use xray or arc ball cups