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XRAY 1.6mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar - GRIPWORKS RC

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XRAY 1.6mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar

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This is an optional XRAY 1.6mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar, and is intended for use with the XRAY T4 1/10 touring car. This roll bar is the stiffest rear roll bar available, and is 4-steps stiffer than the stock 1.2mm roll bar. The T4 rear anti-roll bars for narrowed bulkheads allow you to tune your handling in super-fine increments. Lazer engraved marks allow easy identification, and the anti-roll bars are mounted using the stock composite holders on the bulkheads, and the integrated anti-roll bar mounts on the suspension arms.

Effects of Rear Roll Bar Adjustment
 Stiffness  Characteristic
  • Increased Rear Chassis Roll
  • Increased Rear Traction
  • Decreased Front Traction
  • Decreases On Power Steering (May Cause Understeer)
  • Decreased Rear Chassis Roll
  • Decreased Rear Traction
  • Increased On Power Steering (May Cause Oversteer)
  • Quicker Steering Response in High Speed Chicanes