XRAY Graphite 1-Hole Rear Suspension Arm (Stiffener Arm)

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This is an optional XRAY Graphite 1-Hole Rear Suspension Arm, and is intended for use with the optional XRAY Carbon Fiber Stiffener Arms (XRA303190). This specially-formulated graphite composite material allows for a very light suspension arm that can withstand the rigors of high-performance racing.

The optimized suspension arm gives improved traction, easier handling, and decreases tire overheating which leads to car stoppage under high-grip conditions. Features a single optimized shock mounting position and integrated anti-roll bar mounts. The graphite arm has same size and geometry as standard 1-hole suspension arm.

Note: This arm is very similar to the XRA303167 arm but features the mounting holes for use with the optional carbon fiber stiffener arms (XRA303190).