XRAY X1 Aluminum Right Rear Wheel Gear Differential Hub

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• More stable handling
• Easier to drive 
• Increase on-power steering
• Direct replacement for ball diff 
• Fit all standard cars 
• Super-smooth
• Ultra-efficient
• Complete sets
XRAY super-smooth gear diffs for 1/12 & 1/10 pan cars and 1/10 formula cars are a direct replacement for the ball-differential. Complete sets which require no other extra parts and no extra adjustments. 
Using the gear differential makes the car more stable and easier to drive, especially in high-traction conditions. The gear diff increases on-power steering which is needed on almost all types of tracks. A “must have” for every racer.
The complete gear differential set includes a composite case and cover, precision-molded internal satellite gears made from special XRAY-developed composite material, all ensuring long lifespan and super-smooth efficient operation. A super-strong hollow steel shaft ensures maximum reliability and strength.
The advantage of the gear diff is that it is maintenance-free. When the diff is correctly built, there is no need for maintenance for a very long time, no need for frequent oil changes, and no leakage due to a superior sealing system.