XRAY XCA Aluminum 7075 T6 Hard Coated Pinion Gear - 20T (2nd)

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This is an optional high-strength 20T pinion gear (2nd gear) from XRAY. This pinion gear is made from tough 7075 T6 aluminum and specially hard coated for supreme strength, light weight, and high durability. Created on a special gear machine, all pinions feature ultra-precise tooth shaping and ultra-true running for vibration-free operation. Fine internal threading allows easy installation on XCA clutch bells (standard or lightweight versions). Each pinion is fine etched with the tooth number for easy & quick identification.

Ultra-strong 7075 T6 aluminum pinion gears
Hard coated for high durability
Range of pinion gearing options
Created on specially gear machine
Ultra-true, vibration-free running
Easy installation
Fine etched identification

Available in popular gearing sizes, allowing you to find the perfect gear ratio for any track.