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ZooRacing Gorilla 1:10 FWD Car Clear Body - 0.7mm REGULAR

$53.99 CAD 
SKU: ZR-0008-07
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The Gorilla is the first FWd body from Zoo Racing. The shell comes in a thickness of 0.7mm and looks fantastic!



  • CAD designed
  • Specialized FWD body shell with balanced front-to-rear downforce
  • Low-profile design for high top speed and corner speed
  • Structured rear end for anti-tuck capabilities
  • Large wheel arches ensure the tyres will not rub in whatever position
  • Anti-tuck capabilities with structured side skirts
  • The 0.7mm ZOOlite body weighs in at 85g race-ready
  • Detailed decal sheet
  • 2-step window masks
  • Wing mounting hardware